How To Scrape Website with Python - Auto SEO With Python

Python makes life easy as it automates all the systems, here in this video we will learn how can we scrap a website with python using a beautiful soap script.

Mar 30, 2022 - 11:17
Mar 30, 2022 - 11:18

Here is a step-by-step complete tutorial that how to scrap complete website URLs and we will use them, later on, to bulk index in the google search engine. 

  1. Run Following Commands
  2. Pip install bs4pip
  3. install requests
  4. Download the File from the link below (see the end of this post)
  5. Edit The File with Notepad
  6. Save in a separate Folder
  7. Open CMD in Windows & Terminal in MAC
  8. Run Following Command to run the script
  9. Enter in the folder location in commands (watch the video or e.g. cd.. C:\Users\Shahzaib.Muhammad\Downloads\Scrap URLs)
  10. Python
  11. Copy all the URLs and paste them anywhere

That's all You are done, if you need any help contact me on Instagram or ask your question in the comments below.