Exciting News for Pakistan: Four-Day Eid ul Fitr Holiday Announced!

Exciting News for Pakistan: Four-Day Eid ul Fitr Holiday Announced!

Get ready to celebrate, Pakistan! The government has declared a fabulous four-day break for Eid ul Fitr, starting April 10. This year, Eid promises to be extra special, running from April 10 to April 13, thanks to Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif's approval.

Why this particular timing, you ask? Well, the stars (or, instead, the moon!) align perfectly. The Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) hints at the Shawwal moon gracing our skies on April 9, setting the stage for a joyous April 10 Eid. The crescent, born just the night before at 11:21 pm, will be visible for 50 minutes at dusk, painting a perfect picture for our celebrations.

Though most of Pakistan will enjoy clear skies for this celestial event, some northern areas might have a cloudy backdrop. A bit of cloud can't dampen our spirits, right?

Here's a little rewind: Remember the Ramadan crescent spotting on March 11? That kicked off our sacred month of fasting, which, following the PMD's forecast, will wrap up just in time to usher in Eid after 29 days.
Eid ul Fitr isn't just about feasting after fasting. It's a time of joy, a moment to spread love, and an opportunity to reflect on the lessons of patience, charity, and community we've embraced during Ramadan.

Remember, the Islamic calendar's dance with the moon means Ramadan and Eid dates shift each year. So, every Eid is a unique moment, a fresh celebration.
As we gear up for this special time, Dareecha.pk wishes you and your loved ones an Eid filled with happiness, peace, and unity. Stay tuned for more updates and stories that connect us all!