5 Different Types of T-shirts

5 Different Types of T-shirts

In the 19th century, t-shirts became popular. It was introduced as a piece of undershirt. T-shirts were born when laborers in America were fed up with the heat. To cope with the weather, they cut their jumpsuits in half. The manufacturing of t-shirts started in 1898. Later they were given to the U.S. Navy as underclothes. Typically, a t-shirt has short sleeves with a round neckline, known as a crew neck, which doesn't have collars. T-shirts in Pakistan were introduced in the 1970s.

Different types of T-shirts in Pakistan:

There are almost 14 different types of T-shirts in Pakistan. Nowadays, they are trending in men's wardrobes. They are an easy go-to option. Classy yet comfy and easy to style. T-shirts can be worn for multiple purposes like work, outdoor activities, etc. The top 5 famous are below:-

  1. Crew neck T-shirt
  2. Polo T-shirt
  3. Henley T-shirt
  4. Turtleneck T-shirt
  5. The basic half-sleeve T-shirt

1- Crew neck T-shirt:-

The round circular neck style describes the crew neck T-shirts. They are comfortable and flexible, which provides a perfect fit for the body. They enhance the personality of men with narrow faces and sloped shoulders. Crew neck T-shirts are often used in Pakistan.

2- Polo T-shirt:-

A Polo style T-shirt is a form of T-shirt with collars. It also has other names:

  • Tennis shirt
  • Golf shirt
  • Chukker shirt

These shirts are usually long with small sleeves. Men look trendy in such types of T-shirts. These t-shirts in Pakistan are a go-to option for men.

3-Henley T-shirt:-

Henley style T-shirt is a collarless pullover shirt. Round neckline with a small opening of about 3 to 5 inches long arranged by Almost 2-5 buttons. Henley T-shirts in Pakistan have gained much popularity. According to Pakistan's climate, T-shirts with Henley sleeves are lightweight and ideal for summer.

4- Turtleneck T-shirt:

These t-shirts typically have high closed collars that can surround a person's neck. These T-shirts are made of soft cotton. In Pakistan, these t-shirts are preferred during the winter months.

5- Basic half sleeves T-shirt:

It is equally popular among women and men to wear basic half sleeves T-shirts. They are basic-style shirts that feel like home to a body. They are neither too tight nor too loose. They fit perfectly. When you wear this shirt, it feels like a comfortable hug. Half sleeves t-shirts in Pakistan are loved.

T-shirts are Go to Option:

In Pakistan, men prefer less effortless looks. T-shirts are a perfect option for such preferences. They can simply slay the look with minimum effort. T-shirts are an option for modern men and women. It is a garment for men that is aesthetically pleasing. It also shows masculinity for men, and for women, it shows modernism.

Colors are as Important as Fit:

The style of a T-shirt is just as important as its color. Patterns and prints are also important when choosing a perfect t-shirt. It represents the personality of a person. Dark solid base colors can always go right. They make you look clean and aesthetic.

Bottom Line:

Discover Pakistan's diverse world of t-shirts with our guide to the top five types. From culturally-inspired designs to minimalist chic, explore a range of options, including Crew neck, Polo, Henley, Turtleneck, and the basic half-sleeve. Find your perfect style and express yourself through fashion in Pakistan.