How To Make Free NFT in 5 Minutes | No Skills Required

NFT can change your lifestyle and future if you succeed to make a few sales on any NFT selling website. Creating NFT collections are not difficult if you will follow these simple steps mentioned on

Aug 16, 2023 - 17:49
Aug 16, 2023 - 19:56
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How To Make Free NFT in 5 Minutes | No Skills Required
How To Make Free NFT in 5 Minutes

In this tutorial, i will be showing you "How you can create your own NFT from scratch without any coding experience and no software required for the tutorial"...

How To Create Free NFT Collection Under 5 Minutes in Urdu

So let's Get started !!!

1). Go to the Website called " "    ( )

Sign-up on this website and create a project for your own NFT and after that, you need to add certain files so that your NFT can be made easily,
your work has been made easier by me because I have created a sample file for your NFT to get started and you can use that media files and take references for making your own.

Now, you have downloaded all the media files which you needed for to create the NFT for your project, now go over to the raremints.clud and create your NFT.








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