How To Get A Turkish Study Visa From Pakistan : A Complete Guide

Dive into the essentials of the Turkey study visa process. From application prerequisites to documentation and fee structures, equip yourself with all the knowledge needed to pursue your academic dreams in Turkey.

How To Get A Turkish Study Visa From Pakistan : A Complete Guide
How To Get A Turkish Study Visa From Pakistan - turkey visa fee

If you're a Pakistani student planning to study in Turkey, securing a Turkish study visa is crucial. This guide provides a step-by-step explanation to help make the application process more straightforward.

Table of Contents

  1. Overview of the Turkish Study Visa
  2. Mandatory Documents Checklist
  3. Detailed Visa Application Process
    1. Step 1: Initial Submission
    2. Step 2: Biometric Procedures
    3. Step 3: Visa Application Form Completion
    4. Step 4: Making The Payment
  4. Additional Tips and Notes

Overview of the Turkish Study Visa

The Turkish Study Visa is specifically designed for students who wish to study in Turkey. To ensure your application is successful, it is essential to understand the process and gather all the necessary documentation.

Mandatory Documents Checklist

Before diving into the application steps, let's compile a checklist of the mandatory documents required for a study visa application. Not all documents will apply to everyone, as they are subject to occupation and personal circumstances.

Passport and Documentation:

  • Unimpaired Passport or Travel Document valid for 180 days from the travel date.
  • Copies of the Bio Data and used pages of old passports.
  • A valid visa and stay duration proof for foreigner passport holders in Pakistan.

Forms & Photos:

  • The Visa Application Form (VAF) has two recent biometric photos (5x5cm size) against a white background.
  • Interview and Travel History form (mandatory for applicants aged 18 and above from Punjab, Sindh, and Baluchistan). These forms are also downloadable from this blog.

Financial and Employment Documentation:

  • Proof of income (salary slips, tax returns, active taxpayer certificate).
  • Bank account statements and Maintenance Certificate.
  • For employees, a statement from the employer detailing employment status and salary mode.
  • For business owners, documents showing company ownership and financial status.

Educational Documents:

  • Acceptance letter from the desired educational institution in Turkey.
  • Attested copies of educational certificates from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) Pakistan.

Accommodation & Travel:

  • Flight reservation details (One-way).
  • Proof of accommodation in Turkey.


  • Travel Health Insurance Certificate, amounting to a coverage of 60,000 US Dollars.

Additional Documents:

  • For government officers: Ex-Pakistan Leave Paper or NOC.
  • If traveling with an accompanying person who already has a valid Turkish visa: copy of their visa and air ticket reservation.
  • If sponsored: An affidavit from the sponsor detailing expense coverage.
  • Relevant certificates for professionals and students.
  • For a detailed list of every possible document and when it applies, click here.

Detailed Visa Application Process

Step 1: Initial Submission 

On arriving at the Anatolia Visa Application Center, take a token and await your turn. Once your number is called, submit your visa application. You will also be provided with an interview form to be filled out manually.

Step 2: Biometric Procedures 

After document submission, you'll proceed to the Biometrics booth. Ensure you fill in the Biodata and sign the form provided by the staff during this process.

Step 3: Visa Application Form Completion 

The Online Visa Application Form will be completed at the Anatolia Visa Application Center. Ensure all the details match the information you provided.

Step 4: Making The Payment 

Proceed to the cash counter to pay the visa fee and service charges in cash (PKR). Ensure you get and retain the receipt until you receive your documents back.

Additional Tips and Notes

  • Applying for a visa between 14 days and 3 months before the travel date is recommended.
  • Purchasing flight tickets or booking accommodations is advised only once you have received your visa.
  • Double-check and verify all the documents before submission to avoid delays or rejections.


Turkish Visa Fees From Pakistan

While the excitement to study in Turkey is unmatched, you need to ensure that you pay the required visa fee to materialize your plans. These fees are set according to the exchange rate set by the State Bank of Pakistan from the previous day. Remember, all visa fees are non-refundable.

Visa Type

Embassy Fee

Foreign Embassy Fee (NON-EU Passports)

Foreign Embassy Fee (EU Passports)

Single Entry

60 USD

60 USD

80 USD

Multiple Entry

190 USD

190 USD

190 USD

Single Transit

60 USD

60 USD

80 USD

Double Transit

120 USD

120 USD

160 USD


60 USD

60 USD

80 USD

Points to Note:

  • A Multiple Entry Visa requires travel health insurance coverage of at least 60,000 US Dollars valid for a year.
  • The eligibility for a Multiple Entry Visa is specific: you should have visited Turkey, Schengen Area, USA, or the UK at least once within the last three years. Photocopies of relevant pages from your passport will serve as evidence.
  • The Embassy/Consulates of the Republic of Türkiye retains the right to modify the visa type, and no refund will be given in any circumstance.

Service Fees

There's more to the visa application than just the visa fee. Here are the service fees, payable in Pakistani Rupees (PKR):

Service Type

Amount in Cash

Normal Application

65 USD

VIP Application

80 USD

Please Note: The above fees exclude GST.

 VAS (Value Added Services) Fees

For an enhanced visa application experience, several value-added services are available. The charges are:


Amount in Cash

Premium Lounge

2,000 PKR


450 PKR


50 PKR


2,500 PKR


450 PKR

Courier (Return Passport Home Delivery)

4,500 PKR

Flight Reservation

1,800 PKR

Hotel Reservation

1,800 PKR

Internet Kiosk

1,300 PKR


Free of Charge

Please Note: These charges are GST-exclusive.

Travel Insurance Fees

Travel insurance is an integral part of your visa application. The charges, based on the period of coverage, are:

Insurance Duration

Amount in Cash

3 Months

45 USD

6 Months

60 USD

12 Months

70 USD

Important Notice:

Starting from 09 January 2023, the "Türkiye Incoming Travel Health Insurance" becomes mandatory. It will be available in durations of 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year. Only insurance acquired from Anatolia Visa Application Centers in Pakistan will be acknowledged. This insurance remains effective only within Turkey and terminates once you leave the country. For any subsequent visa applications for Turkey, applicants will need to obtain new insurance.

In conclusion, studying in Turkey is a transformative experience. Ensuring that you have all the fees and paperwork in order sets the foundation for a smooth journey. Also, remember to download the Travel history checklist form and interview form from this blog to expedite your application process. Safe travels and happy studying!


In conclusion, while the process may seem exhaustive, securing a Turkish study visa can be straightforward with proper planning and document preparation. Ensure you've checked off everything on the list, and you'll be on your way to pursuing your studies in Turkey. For any additional assistance or to download the Travel History checklist form and interview form, refer to this blog. Safe travels!