China Visa Price in Pakistan: Visa Processing & Fees

Get a comprehensive breakdown of China visa costs for Pakistani citizens. Understand visa fees, VFS Global service fees, and payment methods. Also, explore pricing for US, Romanian, Canadian, Brazilian, and other third country citizens.

China Visa Price in Pakistan: Visa Processing & Fees
China Visa Fee / Cost From Pakistan

Are you planning to visit China from Pakistan? There's good news. As a Pakistani citizen, you are not required to pay any fee for a China visa. However, you do need to pay the VFS Global service fee, which processes your visa application. In this post, we'll walk you through the costs involved, the payment methods, and the schedule of fees for your China visa.

Visa Fees for Pakistani Citizens

First, The Chinese embassy does not charge visa fees for Pakistani citizens. Whether you're applying for a single-entry visa, double-entry visa, multiple-entry visa valid for six months or a year, or even a group visa, the cost remains the same: zero. However, there is a small express fee if you require your visa on an urgent basis. This fee amounts to 3,000 PKR.

VFS Global Service Fees

While the visa itself is free for Pakistani passport holders, there's a service fee charged by VFS Global to process the visa. This fee for regular service is currently set at 13,300 PKR (inclusive of GST). There are two additional services available: express service and premium lounge service. 

The fee for the express service, which guarantees faster processing, is 19,800 PKR (inclusive of GST). To enjoy the comfort of the premium lounge while waiting for your visa processing, you'll need to pay 13,200 PKR (inclusive of GST). Note that all service fees are non-refundable.

Payment Methods

This Visa Centre accepts cash payments. Therefore, you'll need to prepare the exact amount when you come in for your application.

Visa Fees for Non-Pakistani Citizens

Fee Category Amount PKR Pakistani Citizen US Citizen Romanian Citizen Canadian Citizen Brazilian Citizen Third Country Citizen
Visa Fees Single Entry 0 52500 7800 8500 14180 4500
Double Entries 0 52500 10300 8500 14180 6500
Multiple entries 6 Months 0 52500 15300 8500 14180 9000
Multiple entries 1 Year 0 52500 15300 8500 14180 13000
Group Visa 0 9600 - - - 3500
Express fee 3000 - - - - -
Visa Application Service Fees Regular Service 13200 (Inclusive of GST) - - - - -
Express Service 19800 (Inclusive of GST) - - - - -
Premium Lounge Service (Optional) 13200 (Inclusive of GST) - - - - -

If you're a non-Pakistani citizen residing in Pakistan and wish to visit China, different visa fee structures apply. The costs vary depending on your nationality.

For US Citizens

US citizens applying from Pakistan must pay 52,500 PKR for any type of visa, single, double, or multiple entries.

For Romanian Citizens

Romanian citizens must pay 7,800 PKR for a single-entry visa, 10,300 PKR for a double-entry visa, and 15,300 PKR for multiple-entry visas valid for six months or a year.

For Canadian Citizens

Canadian citizens are required to pay 8,500 PKR irrespective of the type of visa they're applying for.

For Brazilian Citizens

Brazilian citizens will need to pay 14,180 PKR for any visa, whether single, double, or multiple entries.

For Citizens of Third Countries

Citizens of third countries are required to pay 4,500 PKR for a single-entry visa, 6,500 PKR for a double-entry visa, 9,000 PKR for a six-month multiple-entry visa, and 13,000 PKR for a year's multiple-entry visa.


It's essential to remember that the visa fees are collected on behalf of the Chinese embassy. At the same time, VFS Global charges the application service fees. 

Express Services

For express service, you will have to submit your application before 12 PM, and pick up your visa after 12 PM on the expected collection date. 

Postal Service

The postal service is only available for normal visa application services.

In conclusion, although the China visa is free for Pakistani passport holders, there are service fees associated with the processing of your application. Ensure you have the exact cash amount for your payment, and remember the extra cost if you want an express service. Happy traveling!