China Visa for Pakistanis: Business Visa Documents | Checklist | Invitation Letter

Looking to travel from Pakistan to China? Get the latest tips & tricks on obtaining a China visa seamlessly. Don't miss out!

China Business Visa From Pakistan | Complete Documents & Details

Are you venturing into the Chinese market or aiming to expand business partnerships in China? The China M Business Visa is explicitly designed for foreign nationals who intend to visit China for commercial and trade activities. Below is a step-by-step guide to obtaining this crucial document.

1. Gather Basic Documents:

  • Passport: Ensure your foreign passport is valid with blank visa pages for at least six months. Additionally, provide a photocopy of the data page and, if separate, the photo page. If you possess dual or multiple citizenship, furnish all relevant passports and photocopies.
  • Visa Application Form & Photo: Fill out the Visa Application Form online, sign, and print it. Attach your appointment confirmation for visa application submission. Also, you'll need two recent passport-sized color photos that meet the specified photo requirements.
  • Proof of Legal Entry or Residence: Those not applying in their country of citizenship must provide certificates of valid entry, residence, employment, or student status. A photocopy of the latest visa/immigration entry stamp is also necessary.
  • Former Chinese Citizens: If you previously held Chinese citizenship, provide your old Chinese passport and photocopy.

2. Submit Commercial Activity Proof:

  • Verification Letter of Invitation or TE Invitation Letter: Typically extended by a Chinese inviter, either of these letters is crucial. Some exceptions are available based on prior visits or government positions.
  • Document Requirements for Invitations: Your invitation letter must detail information on the applicant, the visit, and the inviting individual or entity.
  • Supporting Documents: These include a letter from your employing organization, tax payment certificates from the last three years, a registration or chambers certificate of your company, a bank statement from the last six months, a local police character/clearance certificate, round-trip air tickets, and hotel booking.

3. Special Reminders:

  • Further Documentation or Interview: The consular officer might ask for more documents, supplementary materials, or an interview. First-time visitors are especially required to attend an interview personally.
  • Visa Finalization: The visa's validity, duration, and number of entries are at the consular officer's discretion.
  • Regulations on Visa Exemptions: Some countries might have bilateral visa exemption agreements with China, but this doesn't exempt specific visa types for certain purposes.
  • Fingerprint Collection: As of June 15, 2018, fingerprints are required for all foreign visa applicants with a few exemptions, such as age or if you've previously given fingerprints within the last 5 years. Remember, these must be your genuine fingerprints; fake submissions can lead to denied entry.
  • Further Details: Always cross-check the official website of the Chinese Embassy or Consulate General in your jurisdiction.

Download Invitation Draft Letter & Checklist

  1. Invitation Draft Letter
  2. Checklist

In Conclusion

Navigating the process of obtaining a China M Business Visa might seem intricate. Still, it becomes much smoother with proper documentation and adherence to the stipulated guidelines. Ensure your documents are genuine and up-to-date to avoid unnecessary delays or rejections. Best of luck in your business endeavors in China!