Safest place in Lahore - Packages Mall

Spacious, modern shopping mall with a movie theatre & a large food court with global bites. Packages Mall is Lahore's largest shopping mall having more than 200 brands shops.

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Feb 22, 2022 - 15:46
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Safest place in Lahore - Packages Mall
safest place in Lahore

Security at Packages mall is second to none. There have been very minimal cases and circumstances where security had to get involved due to unrest at the mall. There are certain rules which have to be strictly abided by and followed by all the visitors visiting the mall. Overall, there is a family-friendly environment, and families with little children should feel very safe. In fact, some families come to Packages mall and don’t even shop. They spend time in the fun-filled places which are built specifically for children. If you have done expensive shopping, you can ask security outside to escort you to your car. These measures make Packages mall the safest place in Lahore.








packagesmall Packages Mall is a Best Shopping Mall in Lahore located at Walton Road, Pakistan. It is the best mall to visit families, shopping and more