Honda 70 Price in Pakistan Latest - Updated 2023

Looking for the latest Honda 70 price in Pakistan? Check out our comprehensive guide for updated 2023 prices, specs, and features. Get the best deals on Honda 70 bikes in Pakistan today!

Honda 70 Price in Pakistan Latest - Updated 2023
honda 70 price in pakistan

The Honda CD 70, initially launched in 1984, had the motorcycle market all to itself. However, over the years, several other companies in Pakistan have introduced their versions of the CD 70, making the market extremely crowded. These competitors include the United US70, Super Power SP 70, and Road Prince Classic 70.

Due to these competitors, the price of the Honda CD 70 has been kept relatively under control. Otherwise, it would have skyrocketed much sooner. For example, the price of the CD 70 was around PKR 54,000 in 2005 and stayed around the PKR 63,000 mark until 2017, after which the prices soared recently.

Honda CD 70 Competitors in Pakistan

The United US70 and the Honda CD 70 are fierce rivals due to their comparable features and performance. They share the same fuel capacity and provide similar mileage. On the other hand, the Road Prince Classic 70cc has a bigger fuel tank with a total of 11 liters, but its mileage falls short at only 65 km/l, which is lower than that of the CD 70.

Honda CD 70 2023 Design and Features

Are you a motorcycle enthusiast looking for the latest bike with impressive features? Look no further than the Honda CD 70 2023 model, with its sleek design and improved performance. In this article, we will cover this new model's features and give you an overview of what to expect.

Design Features

The Honda CD 70 2023 model has a stylish design similar to the previous one, with minor tweaks. It has a backbone-type frame that makes the ride comfortable while giving the bike a sleek look. The comfortable seat has a seat bar for additional security. The exterior design of the fuel tank has been updated, and the bike comes with an all-new cover sticker.

Wheels and Tires

The new model has thicker spokes on both wheels for better stability, and the rear wheel is more durable. These features make it easier to handle the bike on different terrains.

Engine Performance

The new engine of the CD 70 2023 model is better than the previous model, making the bike's performance more efficient. The engine is durable and comes with a 3-year warranty in case of any issue after purchase. These features make the Honda CD 70 2023 a reliable bike that can last long.

Honda 70 Price in Pakistan 2023

The Honda CD 70 price in Pakistan 2023 is PKR 149,000/- updated 2023, making it one of the most affordable bike prices with such impressive features. Honda has a solid customer base in Pakistan thanks to their commitment to providing customers with high-quality products.

What is in the New Fresh Look of Honda CD 70 Bike 2023

Honda CD70 is a two-wheeler bike that has been the darling of Pakistan for more than three decades now. The new Honda CD70 2023 model has been introduced with a fresh graphical look, which adds grace to its beauty. Moreover, Honda has introduced Honda CD70 Dream, which gives a sporty look to this small bike. 

New Graphical Look 

The new Honda CD70 2023 model has a fresh graphical look, including new fuel tank stickers and side covers. These new stickers add to the beauty of the bike and make it stand out from the previous models. The continuously rising popularity of this bike in the country prompted Honda to introduce the new look, which is a perfect blend of style and elegance.

High Price - Highest Quality 

Honda CD70 is one of Pakistan's most expensive 70 CC bikes, with a price tag of 86,900 Pkr. However, the quality of the material used in CD70 is very high, which justifies its higher price value. Compared to Chinese brands like Superstar, United, or Eagle, Honda CD70 offers better quality, durability, and reliability. The price of CD70 was 73,900 Pkr last year. Still, the prices have increased by 4000 Pkr this year due to rising dollar rates and hurdles in importing raw materials, among other factors.

CD70 - The Darling of Pakistan 

Honda CD70 is known as the darling of Pakistan because of its popularity among the young and old alike. Its fuel efficiency and durability are the main factors contributing to its continuous popularity for the last 30-plus years. Every year, Honda introduces a new look for this bike. Still, the physical structure remains the same because people love the physique of the bike. The CD70 has become a cultural icon and symbol of simplicity, reliability, and affordability.

Fuel Efficiency - 60+ Kilometer Per Litre 

Honda CD70 has a tremendous average mileage of 60 kilometers per liter, making it one of Pakistan's most fuel-efficient 70 CC bikes. Its 8.5-liter tank can help you cover a distance of 500 kilometers, which is an impressive feat for a small bike. A good fuel average is one of the main reasons for the continued popularity of this bike since the 80s.

3 Years Warranty for Engine Performance Honda CD70 comes with a 3-year warranty for engine performance, which is a massive plus for anyone purchasing this bike. The chances of engine fault are meager because of the acute research and development by the company. Even if any fault occurs, the company offers free service at any of the hundreds of service centers throughout the country. This warranty is a testament to the company's confidence in the quality and durability of its product.


In conclusion, Honda CD70 remains Pakistan's most popular 70 CC bike because of its fuel efficiency, durability, and reliability. The new Honda CD70 2023 model has a fresh graphical look, adding charm and elegance. Although it is expensive compared to Chinese brands, its higher price is justified by the quality of the material used. The 3-year warranty for engine performance is a testament to the company's confidence in its product, and it provides a huge plus for anyone purchasing this bike. Honda CD70 is not just a bike but a symbol of simplicity, reliability, and affordability.