Omar Farooq A Successful Entrepreneur & CEO - Pakistani Businessman Biography

From the beginning of his life, Omar believed in focus, hard work, and discipline. Omar Farooq is the leading representative of a well-established furniture company, Interwood.

Omar Farooq A Successful Entrepreneur & CEO - Pakistani Businessman Biography
Mr. Omar Farooq CEO Of Pakistan's Largest Furniture Brand Interwood Pakistan

“Companies that fail in technological innovation and do not invest in workforce development will lag behind, hence disappear in this competition-driven world.”

His father started the company as a small business in 1974 while Omar was in his growing years. In those days, the company provided the service of contractual furniture. In the interim, Omar had a better plan for the organization.

After graduating from Government College Lahore, Omar went abroad to study furniture. As a student in the UK, Omar struggled with furniture drawings. In his study tenure, he realized the importance of technology in the coming times and implemented his furniture drawings with software. Omar secured a prominent position at the end of his degree for employing technology in his project. 

Omar started his career at Interwood in 1995. Initially, he made a significant contribution to the production department. In the year 2002, the sales department was decentralized and thus shifted to Karachi. That year, the company went under complete strategy reformation and restructuring. Gradually, the tremendous efforts became fruitful as the company gained a brand name with six product lines in the home, office, kitchen, doors, wardrobes and kids furniture.

Timely investment in the business expanded the span of the company outlets in the major cities of Pakistan. Today the company stands at 600,000 sq. feet area with state-of-the-art technology installed in the production lines. With 14 retail outlets in the major cities, the company has a foothold in the Pakistan furniture industry.

Over the years, furniture manufacturing practices at Interwood went under reformation to cater to the middle-class community nationwide. With no compromise on quality, Interwood aims to manufacture affordable furniture accessible to all. The establishment of financing schemes has reduced the burden of furniture costs on the customers. 

Today Interwood facility is specialized for maximum flexibility in the production process by the usage of automation. Omar believes that “Honest practices are essential for the scale-up and growth of an organization” He has a firm belief that a clear vision, hard work, discipline, focus, and efficiency are fundamental for a successful business. Waking early, living healthy, and discipline are the core principles Omar has integrated into his life. His passion for sports has continued to date as an active tennis and cricket player.

Omar has a firm notion that human resource development and integration of the latest technology is critical for an organization. Consequently, he has continued to address the challenges faced in the human resource development sector across different forums. Moreover, he condemns mal practising and quotes that state obligations are compulsory for all. These include paying taxes timely and abiding by the law. With contemporary and modern furniture in high standards, Interwood, today, under the command of Omar, is a prime furniture brand in Pakistan.