Gold Rate in Peshawar Today - July 2023 Updated Prices

Discover the latest gold rates in Peshawar, updated on July 2023. Explore the fluctuating prices of 24K and 22K gold per tola and 10 grams. Learn about the factors influencing gold rates and why gold holds a special place in Peshawar's culture. Find out why gold remains a prized investment option and its value compared to other currencies. Stay informed about the ever-changing gold prices in Peshawar for informed buying and investment decisions.

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Gold Rate in Peshawar Today - July 2023 Updated Prices
Gold Rate in Peshawar Today

Gold Rates Today in Peshawar, Updated on 25th July 2023

In the bustling city of Peshawar, the price of gold remains ever-changing, dictated by the fluctuations in the international market. As a result, the value of this precious metal is never fixed. In this article, we will explore the current gold rates in Peshawar and delve into the factors that influence these rates.

24K Gold Rates in Peshawar

As of Tuesday, a single tola of 24-Carat gold in Peshawar is being sold at a price of Rs 210,200. At the closing of trading, the rate for 10 grams of 24k gold stands at Rs 180,200. For those looking for 22k gold, the price for 10 grams is Rs 165,182, while a single tola is being sold at Rs 192,682.

Gold Rates by Purity

Here are the gold rates per Tola and 10 grams for different purities:

Gold Purity - 24K

  • 24K Gold per Tola: Rs 210,200
  • 24K Gold per 10 Grams: Rs 180,200
  • 24K Gold per Ounce: Rs 510,900
  • 24K Gold per Gram: Rs 18,020

Gold Purity - 22K

  • 22K Gold per Tola: Rs 192,682
  • 22K Gold per 10 Grams: Rs 165,182
  • 22K Gold per Ounce: Rs 468,322
  • 22K Gold per Gram: Rs 16,518

Gold Purity - 21K

  • 21K Gold per Tola: Rs 183,925
  • 21K Gold per Ounce: Rs 447,038
  • 21K Gold per 10 Grams: Rs 157,675
  • 21K Gold per Gram: Rs 15,768

Gold Purity - 18K

  • 18K Gold per Tola: Rs 157,650
  • 18K Gold per Ounce: Rs 383,175
  • 18K Gold per 10 Grams: Rs 135,150
  • 18K Gold per Gram: Rs 13,515

Please note that these rates are provided by the local gold market and Sarafa Markets.

The Significance of Gold in Peshawar

Gold holds a special place in the hearts of the people of Peshawar. Its importance and value cannot be underestimated, as it is considered one of the most precious and valuable metals. The people of Peshawar widely use gold for various purposes, especially for crafting exquisite gold jewelry.

Factors Influencing Gold Prices

The gold prices in Peshawar are subject to various factors, including the exchange rate between USD and PKR and fluctuations in the international gold market. As a result, the value of gold in Peshawar is ever-changing, making it essential for buyers and investors to stay updated with the latest rates.

The Appreciating Value of Gold

Over the years, the price of gold in Peshawar has significantly increased. In 2020, gold prices surged due to uncertain financial conditions and other economic issues. As we compare the gold rates in Peshawar between 2020 and 2021, we observe that the per tola rate in 2021 is higher than in the previous year.

Gold Prices on the International Market

The value of the Peshawar Rupee is considerably lower than major currencies like the Dollar, Euro, or Pound Sterling. Consequently, gold prices in Peshawar tend to be higher compared to other countries.

Gold: A Prized Investment Option

Despite various precious metals, gold remains at the pinnacle of value and is regarded as an excellent investment choice. Renowned gold commodities hail from countries such as Canada, Peru, China, United States, Russia, Australia, and South Africa. For investors, gold offers a safe haven during economic uncertainties, and they can trade gold via contracts to reap substantial profits. Additionally, gold is accessible in the form of bars and coins.

Current Gold Price

As of 25th July 2023, the 24K 10 grams gold rate stands at Rs. 180,200.

In conclusion, gold continues to shine brightly in the hearts of the people of Peshawar. As a precious and valuable metal, its allure remains unrivaled. However, it's essential to remember that various global and local factors influence the gold prices in Peshawar, and staying updated with the latest rates is crucial for both buyers and investors. 

Whether for crafting exquisite jewelry or making a prudent investment, gold will always be significant in Peshawar's vibrant culture.








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