Hajj Price Calculator

Hajj 2024 Cost Estimator by Government of Pakistan

LONG PACKAGE : Rs. 355,000 | $ 1,250
SHORT PACKAGE : Rs. 362,500 | $ 1,275
An additional amount of $ 300 shall be charged for the infants, accompanying the parents, under Sponsorship Scheme on account of opting for Category "C" Maktab in Masha'ir.
Infant's Date of Birth : 23-07-2022 | For Online Registration CLICK HERE.

Hajj 2024 Price Calculator by Government of Pakistan

The Government of Pakistan introduces the Hajj Price Calculator for 2024, a comprehensive tool designed to help prospective Hajj pilgrims estimate the costs of their sacred journey. This user-friendly calculator aims to facilitate financial planning for one of the most important religious obligations in Islam.

Benefits of Using the Hajj Price Calculator

  • Accurate Cost Estimations: Get a realistic view of the financial requirements for Hajj 2024.
  • Customizable Options: Tailor your Hajj package based on various services and accommodation levels.
  • Budget Planning: Allows for better financial planning and savings allocation for the pilgrimage.

How to Use the Calculator

  1. Access the Calculator: Visit the official Government of Pakistan Hajj portal to find the Hajj Price Calculator.
  2. Enter Personal Details: Input basic information such as age, city of residence, and preferred accommodation type.
  3. Choose Your Package: Select from various Hajj packages offered, including standard and luxury options.
  4. Add-On Services: Optionally, choose additional services like special meals, transportation upgrades, and guided tours.
  5. Calculate Expenses: Click on the 'Calculate' button to view an estimated total cost for your Hajj pilgrimage.

Additional Information and Resources

The portal also offers:

  • Detailed Breakdown of Costs: Understand what each component of the Hajj costs covers.
  • Tips for Hajj Preparation: Access resources for preparing physically and spiritually for Hajj.
  • Helpline and Support: Contact information for assistance and queries related to Hajj planning.


The Hajj Price Calculator for 2024 by the Government of Pakistan simplifies the process of planning and preparing for Hajj, ensuring that every Muslim can focus more on the spiritual aspects of their pilgrimage with peace of mind regarding their journey's expenses.

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