4 Best Destinations For Honeymoon in France

France, as many of you already know, is the world’s romantic country that attracts numerous young and old couples per annum. This country has the unique charm that makes it appealing to people, most especially engaged or married people, from all over the world. There are varied romantic spots in France disseminate in its major cities and provinces ideal designed for honeymoons. Depending on the preference of couples on the kind of place they wish to spend their quality time together, there’s sure to remain one place that will make their honeymoons in France most unforgettable.

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1. Saint Paul de Vence

Saint Paul de Vence
La Maison Godet Parfum, Saint-Paul-de-Vence, France

E. Paul de Vence is perfect for couples interested in exploring an old and charming village on an important hilltop. In this village, you will find turning streets with fountains, statues, and stone walls covered as a result of vines, art galleries, sidewalk cafes and boutiques. And since this is on a hill, you can enjoy a relaxing experience what considering the fantastic views of the sea and mountains. This place is known as a popular tourist spot in France and is had been to by some 2. 5 million people each 365 days.

2. Montségur


Montségur is ideal for outdoor and even adventure-loving couples. Here you will have the possibility to climb the popular Pog Mountain. This popular hiking site shows a chateau on top and the ruins of Cathar castle which goes back from the Middle Ages. Breathtaking views of the mountains and valleys with the surrounding area provide a fulfilling and relaxing experience for couples hoping to have their dream honeymoons in France.

3. Loire Valley

Loire Valley
Loire Valley

The Loire Valley makes a perfect honeymoon spot some people will love to be in the countryside. In this valley are various luxurious castles some of which happen to have been converted to hotels. Staying in one of these chateaux-turned-hotels is bound to make for a romantic and relaxing honeymoon for every couple visiting this place.
This valley is labelled as the Garden of France owing to the life of vineyards, fruit orchards and wide fields in asparagus, artichoke and cherry. As such, you and your friend can enjoy great food and wine any time you’re from this place. It’s also rich in history as this valley goes back from the Middle Palaeolithic period. The central system of the Loire River valley is already a UNESCO Universe Heritage Site.

4. Burgundy


Engaged or married couples who love wines mustn’t miss visiting Burgundy. This is a charming medieval village and home with the internationally renowned Grand Cru wineries. If you always haven’t heard yet, wines from this region of France are the various world’s best. Here you will have a grand time tasting flower garden wine during your wine tasting tour and explore the vineyards if you would like. Some of the wine producers here may not become the big-time ones but they do make great tasting wine that can offer a truly memorable experience.
So plan your honeymoons in France well and you will never have a dull moment with your accomplice.

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