Vinyl Floor Tiles Buying Guide in Pakistan

Vinyl is an artificially created flooring material. It invariably has several layers within it; consisting of the protective wear layer, printed design layer, glass fibre, etc.

Aug 3, 2021 - 17:46
Vinyl Floor Tiles Buying Guide in Pakistan
Beautiful Vinyl Flooring

The exact arrangement in which the various components in the sheet are put together and their thickness can differ from case to case. And with these varying compositions, the properties of the concerned sheets can change.


It protects against germs because of its anti-microbial nature.

The UV coating on the wear layer ensures that only a minimum of dust accumulates on the sheet and that it is easy to clean.

Glass fibre reinforced cell with foam backing maintains the dimensions of the material. This means that the flooring does not shrink or expand due to climatic variations like hot & humid conditions.

Good noise reduction. Vinyl sheets absorb footfall sounds much better than the other flooring options.

In some Vinyl sheets, a thick clear transparent layer at the top makes it resistant to abrasion. Thus, it is low on maintenance after installation.

Vinyl does not react to reagents used in hospitals and clinics. Thus it should be used in places where the floor would otherwise get stained easily.

Bright, colourful patterns can be created like natural wood finishes, marble /carpet /slate finishes.

It is very easy to install and as little as a single night is required to lay the flooring for an entire house. Vinyl can even be laid on top of most existing floors without having to dig up the old layout. It can be removed quite easily in case you want another change later on. 


In our opinion, the Vinyl floor is a candidate that should be considered when you select flooring for your new/renovated home. The fact that PVC floors are stain free, easy to clean, low maintenance, reduces noise, germ-free and easy to install; makes them quite suitable for domestic residences


You should be careful to mop up water that forms on top of a vinyl quickly. This is because water can loosen the adhesive used to attach the tile to the floor below. This is less important if you use a vinyl sheet (instead of vinyl tiles) since the seams between the tiles are not present there. The durability of the tile is from 5 to 20 years, depending upon whether it has a urethane wear layer and also the overall thickness of the tile. Good care will extend the life of the tile. Another point to note is that this flooring is not advisable for staircases; it is meant for flat-level surfaces.