The Top Five Copenhagen Tourist Traps

Copenhagen is an excellent city, particularly if you understand how to utilize it correctly. Here’s a listing of a couple of golden rules of conduct and tourist traps. Avoid these and you will be on course to some fantastic stay.

1. Tivoli in Main Holidays

Tivoli in Main Holidays
Amusement Park, Tivoli, Copenhagen, Denmark

Tivoli is fun but additionally costly. Being Denmark’s single biggest tourist attraction using more than 4 million site visitors annually the large line outdoors on special days like Halloween and Christmas is actually not well worth the wait. Tivoli ought to be visited within the summer season, if whatsoever, and be ready to pay a great amount for rides, food, drinks, well essentially for everything within the walls.

2. The Primary Shopping Street

The Primary Shopping Street
Strøget Walking Shopping Street Copenhagen Denmark

The primary shopping street is nowhere to visit. It’s crowded, the shops are identical as with every other European city and also the tall structures block the sun’s rays all day long. By staying away from the primary shopping street, ‘Strøget’, you will also avoid other uncomfortable phenomena like hustlers, beggars and thieves.

3. The Bike Lane Without Any Bike

The Bike Lane Without Any Bike
Cycling Lane in Copenhagen - Image from Wikipedia

No matter what avoid walking to the biker’s lane! People bike a great deal in Copenhagen plus they ride fast whatsoever roads and whatsoever occasions of day and evening – a typical newbie mistake would be to come out into the bike lane without searching and this would result in huge congested zones, and piles of bikes and individuals within the roads. If everything doesn’t come out everything bad, you can be certain to obtain a couple of sour words in the motorcyclists if one makes this error.

4. Our Prime-listed Canal Tours

Our Prime-listed Canal Tours
Copenhagen Canal

The canal tours are an easy way to determine the town, but be cautious: Two different companies operate the motorboats, and something is double the amount cost. A budget ‘Netto’ motorboats are what you want, and you will even avoid hearing the annoying speaker bulletins in the tourist guide.

5. Inner City Tourist Bars

Inner City Tourist Bars

When coming at Copenhagen Central Station posters will attempt to lure you into bars for example Rosy McGee’s. This should be prevented no matter what. No local people would imagine walking feet within the drinks are costly, the background music is horrible and also the crowd is either teens or middle-aged.