Honda Civic - Self Driving Car in Pakistan - Test Drive Video

watch the test drive video of the Honda Civic autopilot function in Pakistan by Khurram Shahzad.

Jul 18, 2022 - 14:56
Jul 18, 2022 - 14:57
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Norman Bel Geddes created the first self-driving car as part of GM's 1939 exhibit, which was an electric vehicle guided by magnetized metal spikes embedded in the road.

in Pakistan, there is not even a single car launched that has self-driving or autopilot functions. Mr. Khurram Shahzad from Lahore has got the functions installed in his Honda Civic 2019, which has converted this car into self-driving.

While taking a test drive on Ring Road, Lahore Khurram recorded the video with a dual camera showing the road and his face both on one screen. He shares his views on the autopilot functions in his car and the test drive was very smooth while the car changes road lines automatically as per the traffic requirements.

Does Honda Civic Car Has Built-in Auto Pilot Function

No, Honda civic does not have a self-driving or autopilot function in any model. But we can add additional parts to convert it into a self-driving car.

Which Countries Have the Most Self-Driving Cars

Country Driverless car-related patents of all time
1. United States of America 135, 828
2. China 132, 844
3. Japan 57, 065
4. South Korea 38, 097
5. Germany 33, 512
6. Canada 14, 585
7. Australia 14, 026
8. Russian Federation 12, 121
9. France 9, 488
10. Spain 7, 145

Are Autopilot Cars Safe to Drive

According to many experts, self-driving cars can be trained to be safer than humans. In addition to monitoring and guiding the environment, these cars can anticipate what is coming up ahead, which humans are not capable of.








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