Jazz Monthly WhatsApp Facebook Package Details & Price

The Jazz Monthly WhatsApp Bundle offers 12,000 SMS to any network and 7000 MB of usage on WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, BiP, and IMO for a monthly charge of Rs. 174.

Apr 14, 2023 - 17:48
Apr 14, 2023 - 14:57
Jazz Monthly WhatsApp Facebook Package Details & Price
jazz whatsapp package monthly

Jazz Monthly WhatsApp Bundle is a package offered by Jazz, a Pakistani telecommunications company. For a fixed charge of Rs. 174 per month, you will get 12,000 SMS that can be sent to any network and 7000 MB of internet data usage for WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, BiP and IMO.

What Do You Get in Jazz WhatsApp Monthly Package

  • 12000 SMS on all networks
  • 7 GB Internet Data for WhatsApp, IMO, Facebook, Snapchat & BIP
  • Validity is 30 Days
  • Price is 174 PKR inclusive Tax

How To Activate / Deactivate or Check the Status of Jazz Monthly WhatsApp Package

  • Subscription Fee: Rs. 174
  • Recharge Amount: Rs. 200
  • Subscription Code: *661#
  • Status String: *661*2#
  • Info String: *661*3#
  • Unsubscribe: *661*4#

Jazz Whatsapp Package Monthly Code

To subscribe to Jazz Monthly WhatsApp package for 2023, you can dial *661# from your Jazz mobile number. This package costs just 148 rupees, including taxes, and provides you with 7 GB of internet data that you can use for social connectivity on platforms such as Facebook, Whatsapp, IMO, BiP, and Snapchat. In addition, you can also enjoy 12000 SMS for a period of 30 days. However, please keep in mind that prices and package details may vary based on your location and other factors, so it's best to confirm the latest information directly with Jazz.

How Much Balance Required To Activate Jazz Mobilink Whatsapp & Facebook Monthly Package

To activate the Jazz Monthly WhatsApp & Facebook Package, you must have a balance of at least Rs. 200 in your account. Simply dial *661# to subscribe to this offer, and you can check its status anytime by dialing 6612#. If you wish to unsubscribe, dial 6614#. Once you've dialed the subscription code, the offer will activate automatically on your Mobilink SIM. If you're looking for another great offer, the Jazz 2-hours call package provides unlimited calls and unlimited Facebook usage for its customers.

Jazz whatsapp Package Monthly 2023 for 40 PKR

  • WhatsApp MB 5,000
  • SMS 10,000
  • Sub Code *101*1*02#
  • Check Code *101*4*02#
  • Price 40 + Tax 10 Rupees
  • Validity 30 Days

The Jazz WhatsApp package monthly plan is designed to provide users with unlimited access to WhatsApp for a whole month. This means that users can send unlimited text messages, share photos, videos, and voice messages with their contacts without worrying about data usage.

To subscribe to the Jazz WhatsApp package monthly plan, users need to dial *101*1*02# from their Jazz SIM. Once subscribed, the package will be automatically renewed every month until the user decides to unsubscribe.

The Jazz WhatsApp package monthly plan is affordable, making it an excellent choice for those who use WhatsApp frequently. The package also provides a great value for money as users can stay connected with their friends and family without worrying about data usage or extra charges.

In addition to the monthly plan, Jazz also offers other WhatsApp packages, including daily and weekly plans, catering to the diverse needs of its users. Users can choose a plan that best suits their requirements and budget.

Overall, the Jazz WhatsApp package monthly plan is a great option for users who use WhatsApp extensively and want to stay connected with their loved ones without worrying about data usage or additional charges.