A-Z Complete Guide on How to Import Products from China to Pakistan

This is a Complete help guide that how can you source good suppliers in china to get cheap and good quality products. How can you import those products in Pakistan or any other country and what are the things which you need to consider to get them fast and secure.

Jul 3, 2020 - 16:00
A-Z Complete Guide on How to Import Products from China to Pakistan
A-Z Complete Guide on How to Import Products from China to Pakistan

Over the years, China has consistently dominated the global market and even ranked 3rd as the most significant engine distributor and manufacturer in the world and nowadays? Marketability and product acquisition from country to country has been quite effortless thanks to the internet. China always to produce cheap, reputable, and reliable products. It is more of the reason why most people, especially business owners, tend to lean in this direction when it comes to product sourcing.

Importing something such as diesel engines from overseas can be as easy as a click away; however; there are many factors to consider in securing a fast and valuable transaction. It is all about finding the right products at the right price, and that's where this article can help you.

Here's a complete guide on how to buy single-cylinder diesel engines from China.

Single Cylinder Diesel Engine

First things first to get a better perspective, let's dive into how single-cylinder diesel engines work. Compared to multi-cylinder engines, this type of engine allows more room for air to circulate, which makes air-cooling more possible. Its configuration is widely used in portable tools. If you're a homeowner, this is the perfect engine for gardening machineries such as lawnmowers, string trimmers, and even cultivators. For people in the agricultural industry, diesel-powered engines with single cylinders are widely used in terrain-vehicles such as small tractors and combine-harvesters. It is also used in water pumps and generator sets.

The Diesel Engine Market in China

China has been a significant contributor in the diesel engine market. Its continuous demand in the global market has not only warranted its manufacturing power but also certified the quality and reliability of its diesel-powered engines to multiple businesses and industries around the world.

In China, one cylinder diesel engines are primarily produced for agricultural, engineering and transport machinery. As such, of course, have comprehensive market options that manufacture and distribute Chinese diesel engines and are readily available online even small cylinder diesel engine ones.



Advantages of importing from China

Here is a list of benefits in importing diesel engines from China:

  • They are low cost with good quality
  • With products at a low price, they can be marketed with high profitability.
  • China has a multitude of reputable markets that sell decent diesel engines.
  • China requires no individual licenses to purchase goods as long as international trade regulations are followed.

Now that we have a complete run-through, it's time to share with you the step by step process in importing a cylinder diesel engine from China:

STEP 1: Product Knowledge

It is the easiest thing to overlook really. Some people might be eager to dive in and look for every available market there is to search for the right product to look for which, of course, eats away a lot of your time and causes much confusion. In China, there are multitudes upon multitudes of manufacturers available out there. That's why knowing what to look for should make things easier for you. Weigh in factors on how it may benefit you or to your business at a low cost with maximum profitability.

Chinese products, specifically diesel engines, are less costly and quite reputable. If you are someone in the farming business, see what specifics you'd like for your diesel engine to have. As mentioned above, while discussing single-cylinder diesel engines, they are especially advantageous to use in portable tools that might come in handy to maintain your crops or that can power your vehicles and machinery.

 STEP 2: Risk Assessment

When it comes to purchasing something from overseas, there are a couple of risk factors to consider. That's why it is recommendable to have proper consultancy when it comes to importation laws, customs regulations, the expected taxes it comes with as well as to evaluate any potential threats that might affect your business. This will help in securing your operations as it would give you alternative solutions, should a problem arise.

That's why it is essential to find the right supplier to do the job, which takes us to our next segment. 

STEP 3: Finding the Right Supplier

China, being a global manufacturing powerhouse it is, of course, has a vast market that sells and distributes conventional diesel engines. With the internet we have today, online markets that sell diesel engine products are readily available.

One important thing when it comes to identifying the right supplier is through checking their website and the amount of detail they put in the products they offer. Checking the number of options they have can also give you a significant hint at how they innovate their products that are new and valid in today's market. Don't hesitate to explore their websites and go through their social media. Trust me; research comes a long way in securing your business from unwanted threats and potential losses.

 Another reminder, just because there are much cheaper options, you stray away from looking at the value. It's crucial to take proper consideration before purchasing your diesel engine, especially single-cylinder diesel ones. Check for their longevity, cooling power and efficiency. Quality determines the value you get from the product; the lowest price is not always the best basis to go for.

Also, don't hesitate to reach out and message them to see how they'll respond to your queries. You can tell a lot regarding a company's stature by how they engage with customers. This way, a connection can be established, and it would pave the way for a good business relationship.

 STEP 4: Ordering: Establish Written Expectations during the Transaction process

Once you establish excellent communication with the supplier, it is essential to let them be aware of your expectations when it comes to their products. You may request for an RFQ if you want to get a proper costing of diesel engines that might interest you, especially if you are looking to re-sell and buy in bulk.

Usually, useful websites that sell decent diesel engines have complete product descriptions, so it just adds a nice touch of security and legitimacy of what they are selling if you talk about it and learn more about it from the supplier before ordering. It can effectively avoid miscommunication if they are made aware of your expectations and what you want.

A couple of things to go over in the ordering process are the following:

  • Order Quantity
  • Payment Method
  • Shipping Process
  • Delivery Time 

STEP 5: Import Logistics

The next thing to do is to find the right logistics that can have your items shipped to you from point A to point B. Before doing so, you must determine the incoterms of your transaction with the supplier; these are a set of rules and responsibilities they are to carry and follow in the delivery process. Prices are also another thing to be considered.

Single-cylinder diesel engines are often compact and smaller than double or multi-cylinder ones but as it is still an engine, it yet, of course, has a considerable amount of weight to it. Gravity, along with the actual cubic meters of an engine, is one of the determining factors of its shipment price as well.

 And more importantly, it is up to you to assess the best mode of transportation to get your diesel engine here fast and safely.

STEP 6: Track your Shipment

Tracking your shipment is essential. Of course, we have to know where our money is going, quite literally. It does not only allow you to see where your package is going, but it gives in-depth information as to where your package was handled and facilitated. This way, should there be any missing items, damages, or breakages; you have a significant amount of history to back you up to identify with quickly. Plus, tracking shipments these days is very easy. All logistics companies and couriers have tracking apps or websites. It can also keep you well informed of potential setbacks or shipment delays.

STEP 7: Obtainment and Completion

Once your order has arrived, the first proper thing to do is to notify your supplier immediately of its arrival. Just because you have your order, doesn't mean you have to cut communication with them entirely. It only gets more crucial from here since you now have the time to test and review the diesel engine and see for yourself if it works properly. Warm your engine up and give it a proper break-in before using it. Once you've tested it out, let your supplier know of your thoughts about their product and give them genuine feedback. Hits or misses are essential to note for, and this would not establish a more reliable connection with you both, but it would only lead to more valuable business partnerships in the future.