Carpets Cleaning Tips - Keep Your Carpets Neat & Clean

Here is a complete guide and tips to clean your carpets yourself and keep them always new. & neat.

Carpets Cleaning Tips - Keep Your Carpets Neat & Clean
Neat & clean red carpet under white shoes

Simple Way

The simplest way to keep your carpet clean is by vacuuming it regularly preferably every day.

However, if that is not possible, you can vacuum it once in 10 days. If you have pets in the house that shed fur, you may want to vacuum it more often, like once a week.

You have to be extra cautious if you have a baby at home who not only spill on the carpet but also put it in their mouths. A carpet that has gone unclean for a long time can breed dust mites and become unhygienic.

Another incentive for you to vacuuming your carpet regularly is that it increases the lifespan of your carpet.

Occasional Spills

As hard as it is, you cannot avoid occasional spills. However, make sure you dab a cloth on the spill right away before the carpet absorbs it, otherwise, it will be difficult to get rid of that satin.

When you are taking in excess liquid, make sure that you dab on the liquid and not rub it. Rubbing the area would make the stain sink further in.

Once you have done that, put baking soda on it. Do not add any water, just let it foam, and then dab it once again.

Also, be careful about what you are using. For example, if you have a hard carpet, you can use a towel, but if it is extremely delicate, use a sponge. Do not put too much pressure on a delicate carpet while cleaning it.

You may have heard about how vinegar helps the stain go away. However, it is not advisable to use vinegar to remove stains. What happens when you use vinegar is that if your fabric is delicate, you might land up damaging the fabric.


If an ink bottle has dropped on your precious carpet, alcohol can be the answer to your problems. However, if you intend to use alcohol, do not apply just any alcohol because it can just come with its own set of problems. So make sure you use pure alcohol from the chemist.

Sticky Stains

If you have dropped something sticky like glue or grease on your carpet, you can put cornflour on it to make it go. Keep in mind that this will only help if it is done immediately.

Chemicals called 103 and 101 are also available for stains like this. But you would only get it in bulk and select places. You can even select brands like Hindustan Lever and Taski.

In case you have to use soap, make sure that is alkaline-based because a detergent base might ruin your fabric.


Does your carpet have that intolerable stench? It is a signal that your carpet is dirty. In this case, get it cleaned by a professional. And in case your fabric is not attached to the floor, keeping the carpet in the sun after washing generally makes the odour go away.


Remember, water will spoil the carpet. So in case, your carpet is moist make sure that there is no water leakage in any part of your house.

Seek Professional Help

Today you have many professionals who can get your carpet cleaned for you. Special machines and shampoos that clean the carpet thoroughly without damaging it in any way are used. So, make sure you get your carpet cleaned by a professional once a month.