Best Hi-Tea Buffet Restaurants in Lahore With Prices and Menu

Well Well, Who isn't foodie in Lahore ? Who does not love food ? Comment section is for You :) Here are the best Hi-tea buffet restaurants and cafes in Lahore with prices, menu and complete details like Address, locations and timing.

1. Arcadian Cafè Packages Mall

Arcadian Cafè Packages Mall
Arcadian Cafè Packages Mall

Arcadian Cafè offer delicous Hi-tea buffet at their Packages Mall branch at very affordable prices. You love conitent food or the premium meat lover this restaurant cafe is a best choice to make your day special. They offer huge veriety of dishes in teir hi tea buffet and one can not stop their hand unless he taste the all, But that is very difficult task for people are on diet or does not love food. Who is here who does not love food? 

Well, I am not ythe one. :) 

Timing: Monday to Sunday from 4:15pm to 7:45pm

Price: Rs.1775+tax

Address: Packages Mall Food Court

Phone for Booking: 0305-6932222

Online Booking Reservation Request Form:

Arcadian Cafè Packages Mall