Australian High Commission in Pakistan Announces Visa Biometrics Update!

The Australian High Commission in Pakistan announces visa biometrics update: No more appointments needed for Australian visa biometrics! Walk into any Biometric Collection Centre in Islamabad, Karachi, or Lahore during opening hours. Pre-existing bookings will be honored by VFS Global. Appointments via VFS website are suspended since May 10, 2023.

Australian High Commission in Pakistan Announces Visa Biometrics Update!

In a significant move, the Australian High Commission in Pakistan has recently shared an important announcement on their official Facebook page, bringing good news for visa applicants. The commission posted a notice with the hashtag #VisaUpdate, informing everyone that appointments for Australian visa biometrics are no longer required.

According to the announcement, individuals seeking Australian visas can now walk into any Biometric Collection Centre located in Islamabad, Karachi, or Lahore during opening hours without needing prior appointments. This new change aims to streamline and simplify the visa application process, making it more convenient for Pakistani applicants.

The Australian High Commission has assured that pre-existing bookings made through VFS Global will be honored. Those who have already scheduled appointments need not worry; they will proceed as planned. However, it's important to note that appointments via the VFS website have been temporarily suspended since the 10th of May, 2023.

The decision to eliminate the need for appointments is expected to alleviate the burden on visa applicants and provide them with greater flexibility and ease while applying for Australian visas. Allowing walk-ins allows individuals to visit the Biometric Collection Centres at a time that suits them best, reducing the waiting time and potential scheduling conflicts.

This announcement is welcome news for countless individuals in Pakistan who have been planning to visit Australia for various purposes such as tourism, education, work, or to join their families. The Australian High Commission's move to simplify the visa application process reflects its commitment to promoting bilateral relations and enhancing people-to-people exchanges between the two countries.

Prospective applicants are advised to review the Australian High Commission's website for detailed information and guidelines regarding visa requirements and other necessary documentation. It is crucial to stay updated with any further announcements or changes in the visa application process.

The Australian High Commission's decision to waive the requirement for visa biometrics appointment marks a positive step forward in facilitating travel between Pakistan and Australia. This move is expected to benefit many individuals, making the visa application process more accessible and convenient.

For further information and inquiries, interested applicants can contact the Australian High Commission in Pakistan directly or visit their official website.