How To Create SEO Tools Website to Earn $2000 in a Month With Fast Adsense Approval

Study has shown that online tools website are very easy to rank in search engine and then you can make money while you sleeping with no more efforts.

Dec 13, 2022 - 10:47
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In This video, I will share the complete A-Z method to set up an SEO tools website and get fast Adsense approval in 24 hours. If you follow all steps, you can have your own tools website with Adsense ads and make money while sleeping. 

You only need to watch the video from A-Z to and follow all the steps. I can guarantee that you will have a professional website with Adsense. 

I will cover this in the video. 

  1. How to upload website code to Cpanel
  2. Create Data Base
  3. Install the Online SEO script to your domain
  4. General Setting on your website 
  5. A speedy view of all the available options in the admin panel of Sumoo SEO Tools
  6. How to add a logo to your website
  7. How to setup the Menu
  8. How to setup the footer menu
  9. How to generate pages and add content
  10. Apply For Adsense
  11. Add Adsense codes to your website 
  12. Live Ads and Good Bye Message

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