How To Get Barwaqt Emergency Loan in Pakistan | Barwaqat Instant Loan App 2022

Barwaqt is registered and licensed by SECP online loan app in Pakistan. You can get an instant easy loan online with your own desired payment method.

Apr 22, 2022 - 14:38
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How To Get Barwaqt Emergency Loan in Pakistan | Barwaqat Instant Loan App 2022

Barwaqt is duly registered & licensed by SECP. This is Pakistan's top online loan application available on the play store and apple store. You can get safe and flexible loans and can choose a variety of methods to receive the loan amount. You can also pay your loan through multiple channels and there are no hidden charges. You only need to provide Bank Account information.

What Barwaqt Loan App Offer

  • 24-hour loan service, you can apply at any time.
  • No Mortgage.
  • Variety of methods to receive money.
  • Flexible loan amount and duration.
  • Relatively low fees.
  • Quickly Loan amount transfer

How To Get Loan From Barwaqt App in 2022

  • Download Application
  • Sign Up
  • Get Verified by providing required information and documents
  • Select Your desired loan Amount
  • Choose the Duration Period
  • Wait For The Application Review
  • Get Your Loan into your desired payment method you choose earlier
  • Repay the loan amount

Barwaqt Loan App

Barwaqt ek Aala miyaar Loan App hai jo awaam ko qarz haasil karne mn madad karti hai. Hum Sa'aarif ki maalumaat ka andaza lganay k liye big data use kartay hain.

Loan App ki maalumaat darj zail hain:

  1. Qarzay ki miyaad: 91-180 din
  2. Qarzay ki raqam Rs. 1,500 se Rs. 25,000 tak hai
  3. Ziada se ziada salana feesad sharah (APR): 24% fe saal

91 din ki miyaad mn PKR 6000 k qarz ka hisaab lganay k liye charges darj zail hain:

  • Mahana Interest ki sharah: 24%/12 = 2%
  • Mahana Interest ki sharah: PKR 6000*2% = PKR 120
  • Qul Mahana Adaigi = PKR 6000/3 + PKR 120 = PKR 2120
  • Qul Interest: PKR 6000*(24%/360)*91 din = PKR 364
  • Qul Adaigi: PKR 6000 + PKR 364 = PKR 6364








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